I am interested in a Game Design position with your company. With the skills I have earned from my experience as a Game Designer at Ultra Creative Games, over two years as Quality Assurance at The Coalition working on Gears of War 4 & 5, and my time as a Teacher, Teaching Assistant and Student at Vancouver Film School I am confident that I have the skills I need to help me succeed in this role. Since starting VFS in 2013 I have developed over five years experience in the Vancouver Games Industry, this has instilled in me a passion for new and creative ideas, a friendly but professional workplace demeanor, and an extremely detail-oriented approach to both documentation and in-engine work.

  Until their recent and unexpected closure, I have been working at Ultra Creative Games as a Game Designer on unannounced projects. While there I operated as the Game Designer and Lead for a pod of three developers working on mobile educational games for kids aged 4-6. This role pushed me in three very specific ways:

 ·         I now fully understand what it means to design games where you are not the primary customer, this meant getting good at putting yourself in the shoes of your player and focusing on their in-game experience more than anything else

 ·         I had to become more adaptable than ever before, not only were we making games to kids, we were also beholden to the requests of our investor and this often meant setting our plans down and reworking them to incorporate that request in the smoothest way possible

 ·         I also had to get more comfortable fighting for things when the Investor, the CEO, or Project Management would suggest changes that I didn’t believe was right for the project, this meant fighting for or against Design or Scope changes to ensure my team could deliver quality on time

There are three qualities I pride myself on that I believe make me an appealing hire to any company; my work Ethic derived from taking leadership roles in teams in and outside of the games industry, creativity stemming from my time as a Game Designer at UCG working on educational games, and problem-solving skills learned while taking my Associate of Sciences Degree majoring in Physics. I hope that these qualities combined with my experience will qualify me for a position with your company.


·         I’m an avid gamer, some of my favorite games this year include: God of War, Spider-Man, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Soul Calibur 6, Dark Souls Remastered, and Overcooked 2

 ·         I love to watch Let’s Play’s and Twitch Streamers, there’s something about watching other people who play a lot of different games play basically anything that fascinates me

 ·          I’m a huge comic book fan, I used to buy almost everything Marvel put out, but I stopped because I couldn’t afford it anymore, I still follow the industry very closely

I look forward to hearing from you, and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, thank you for your time.