Ultra Creative Games (Jan 2018 – Nov 2018):

·         Game Designer for “Kori & Kasai” (7 mo)

o   Designed an engaging take on “Final Fight” style gameplay for mobile

o   Game featured super-powered kids exploring their village fighting off ghosts


·         Game Designer for “3 2 1 Go!” (7 mo)

o   Combined endless runner mechanics with Racing game elements for mobile

o   Game featured customizable cars, breathtaking tracks, and tons of boost


·         Game Designer and Programmer for “Relic Ranger” (5 mo)

o   Created a lighter take on stealth/adventure gameplay for kids on mobile

o   Game featured light stealth and stealing mechanics, and patrolling A.I.


The Coalition Studio (Oct 2015 – Jan 2018):

·         Campaign Gameplay QA for “Gears of War 5” (3 mo)

o   Tested system functionality and animations for new enemies and mechanics

o   Worked with designers to ensure bug free level scripting and set pieces


·         Multiplayer Lab QA for “Gears of War 5” (12 mo)

o   Organized testing sessions for QA to enable them to mass test efficiently

o   Ran studio playtests to gather and provide feedback for Designers & Production


·         Services QA Point of Contact for “Gears of War 4” (10 mo)

o   Was the lead of the Services QA team in charge of testing online functionality

o   Worked with the developers to deploy new live features, playlists, and content


·         Versus QA for “Gears of War 4” (5 mo)

o   Was part of a team working on all aspects of Gears of War 4 Multi-Player

o   Specialized in testing Latency, Bots, Matchmaking, Game Modes, and Maps

    VFS Game Design and Programming - (Aug 2013 - Oct 2018)

·         QA for Games Instructor (7 mo)

o   Taught students: Finding & Writing Bugs, Smoke Tests, & Test Script Writing

o   Provided them with insight into how QA roles operate in a studio setting


·         Level Design Teaching Assistant (5 mo)

o   Assisted with Level Design courses, entailed developing extensive skill in UE4

o   Provided support to students via design feedback, and blueprint scripting


·         Technical Design Teaching Assistant (6 mo)

o   Assisted with Game Design, Programming (C#), Unity, and Math & Physics

o   Emphasized player feedback and scope management to whenever possible


·         Volunteer 2D Game Design Mentor (2 mo)

o   Gave students feedback and project management advice for their 2D games

o   Provided technical support when students encountered issues in Unity 2D


·         Project Manager & Game Designer for “Kinetic” (6 mo)

o   Delivered an exciting Action Platformer based around using Kinetic Energy

o   Other responsibilities included: Level Design, Scripting, and Documentation


·         Project Manager & Level Designer for “Project S.L.I.M.E.” (4 mo)

o   Delivered a 2D Platformer where players use their tendrils to reach their goal

o   Responsibilities included: Game Design, Asset Pipeline, and Documentation


Vancouver Film School - (Aug 2013- Aug 2014):

·         Game Design Program Graduate (12 mo)

o   Excelled at Game Design, Level Design, Programming and Documentation

o   Learned: Unity, UDK, C#, C++, HTML5, Flash, Construct, Maya, and Adobe CC


Okanagan College - (Sept 2008 – Jul 2011):

·         Associate of Sciences Degree (24 mo)

o   Excelled in Physics, Astronomy, and Chemistry with a passion for lab work

o   Also studied Calculus, Philosophy, Writing, Literature, & Psychology